Travis founded Vegan Picker after his own experiences with veganism. If you found Vegan Picker then chances are you're vegan and like Travis, you check the internet regularly to verify that what you're consuming is Vegan.

After enough searching you've likely discovered that manufacturers provide ambiguous nutrition facts labels and the websites that exist to answer your questions, for a lack of a better term, stink.

The over-arching goal for Vegan Picker is to provide a resource that other Vegans can read, understand, and trust. Travis has been a vegan since 2016. In order to verify the accuracy and validity of the statements, the content is also fact checked and medically reviewed by a Registered Dietitian, Ranielle Santos.

Vegan Picker analyzes food and beverages in order to identify problematic animal-derived ingredients.


Travis has been Vegan since 2016. Like other Vegans, he found himself regularly searching for if X product was Vegan or not. Due to the lackluster answers, Vegan Picker was born.


Registered Dietitian
Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with 5 years of Clinical Experience. With solid knowledge on Medical Nutrition Therapy, meal planning, nutrition counseling and fitness. She is an advocate of mindful eating as a part of self-care and helping clients improve their relationship with food and their bodies.

Ranielle received her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Santo Tomas (2011 - 2015)
About Vegan Picker
Vegan Picker analyzes food and beverages to help identify problematic animal-derived ingredients.